Compliance Newsletters

Below you will find a list of the dCL Compliance Newsletters


In this issue: New Travel Insurance Rules 28/4; FCA BI Court Case Update; FCA Proposals for Legal Duty of Care; The FCA ‘Directory’ – What you need to do; dart Learning; New FCA Fees Portal; EIOPA talks commission limits
In this issue: Further FCA Covid-19 Survey; FCA BI Court Case Update; dart Learning webinar & training system; Pandemic Exclusion in DNS’; FCA Claims Expectations: Flood and Storm; FSCS Levy to rise; RegData Reminder.
In this issue: FCA Covid Survey and Report; NEW dCL training system; Meerkats Fined!; Changes to DD renewal templates; RegData update; 2021 REaCH Compliance Healthcheck; Book COCON Training NOW
In this issue: SMCR – Extending the Conduct Rules; NEW dCL recommended learning and development system; Clarity on Credit statement; BIBA PI warning; RegData; Renew DBC and Credit checks; Increased minimum PI
In this issue: Brexit Information Update; Code of Conduct deadline extended; New service disclosure on premium finance; Broker PI – New questions in RMAR; FCA Bans for non-Financial misconduct; Wholesale Dear CEO letter
In this issue: Dual Pricing Market Study and Consultation; Signposting on Travel Insurance; Landlord Insurance Discriminatory Practices; Broker PI; CASS5 Dear CEO Letter; Assistance for customers in financial difficulties.
In this issue: FCA correspondence and fake letters incl. Dear CEO letter; On-Boarding Staff and ARs; Covid-19 sustainability and Wind-down planning: Complaints Handling; Settling non-damage BI Claims; Broker PII -3
In this issue: FCA guidance consultation on Vulnerable Customers; New Premium Finance Disclosures; August Covid-19 Impact Survey; Compliant PI Cover; New Financial Services Register; Consultation on COCON effective
In this issue: FCA guidance on BI Test Case; Financial liquidity and resources; ‘Soft’ Credit Checks; Confirmation No Passporting post-Brexit; Make sure your PI Cover is compliant
In this issue: FCA Financial Resilience Survey; FCA Update on BI Test Case; To use, or not to use, a Broker – Law firms decide
In this issue: FCA URGENT Call for information on BI Test Case; Temporary measures to assist customers in financial difficulties come into force 18/5/2020; PII Exclusions and new minimum limits
In this issue: FCA launch three General Insurance supervision strands; Addendum to PS20/3 Travel Insurance Signposting: Coronavirus advice & information for Brokers; Vicarious Liability decision in Morrisons’ case
In this issue: FCA Issue Dear CEO and Dear Board letters; Firms need to engage with the Principles; Travel Insurance 'Signposting' rules confirmed - Corona Virus and Business Continuity Plans; Data Privacy; Care!
In this issue: Senior Managers and Certification Regime - Final Preparations; MS18/1.2 GI Pricing Practices Interim Report; Changes to SMF Applications post-SMR; Registration for Connect; GABRIEL Update
In this issue: No-Deal Brexit – what do you need to do NOW; Irish draft Legislation for No-Deal Brexit; CMA Protected NCB return due NOW; FCA Sector Views Report; General Insurance Value Measures
In this issue: FCA issue IDD Update; Brexit, Brexit and Brexit & Gibraltar; Dual Pricing Review; Financial Ombudsman Service Eligibility Update
In this issue: IDD Deadline and Competency requirement; PROD 4 Product Oversight & Governance Rules; Broker Due Diligence on Insurers; Claims Management Companies’ Regulation.
In this issue: PS18-19 & FCA ‘Dear CEO’ letter; Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR); FCA Publications on SMCR, Consumer Approach and Duty of Care, the Directory; Defaqto Compare & Engage
In this Issue: IDD documents now on website; ARAG Updated GDPR Staff Handbook Policy; FCA Publications; Pakeezah Meat v Total Insurance; FCA change of address
In this issue: GDPR Documents release data 1/5/2018; IDD Transitional Dates confirmed; Renewal Transparency Warning; FCA Business Plan 2018; CII BrokerASSESS release IDD Pathway; 'All Risks' Insurance Case
In this issue: IDD delay confirmed; Policy Statement on third IDD Consultation (PS18-1); CP18-3 SME access to the FOS Consultation; One Call Insurance Services Ltd Fined; CMA PNCD Order submission due 1/2/18
In this Issue: IDD delay proposed; Policy Statement on second IDD Consultation (PS17-27); CP17/40 & CP17/42 SM&CR Consultations; Three 'Mission Statement' papers issued; GDPR Review & Gap Analysis Available