Compliance Newsletters

Below you will find a list of the dCL Compliance Newsletters


In this issue: Lloyds Bank on Client and Risk Transfer accounts; FCA Speech at BIBA – Insurer Fair Value questionnaires; News, Publications and Reminders
In this issue: Dear CEO Fair Value for Leaseholders; Spire v RSA – Aggregation Wording; Changes to House Insurance for Scottish Homes; ICOBS 6B Compliance attestation; News and Reminders
In this issue: ICOBS 6B Compliance attestation; Fear of Covid is not a protected belief; Annual CMA Protected No Claims Bonus report due; Arch Insurance (UK) Ltd v Philip McCullough; News and Reminders
In this issue: Product Governance – What to do?; Appointed Rep Consultation; Duty of Care Consultation; Revised Client Money audit requirements; Pricing Rules attestation Update; News and Reminders
In this issue: Remote and Hybrid Working; FCA S165 Appointed Rep Survey; Insurance Act legal case; FCA Survey on Covid surveys!; Brokers and Wholesale markets Dear CEO letters; dart Learning update
In this issue: FCA CEO sets out priorities; FCA new cancellation and variation powers; Close Premium Finance new Terms of Trade; FCA Launch D&I survey; REP008 returns due; dart Learning updates
In this issue: FCA Product Value ‘Dear CEO’ letter; FCA updates Coronavirus expectations; Call for measurement mechanism in Duty of Care; EFL Clubs consider mis-sale action; REP008 returns due; Addendum to PS21/5
In this issue: The FCA Business Plan; Supreme Court BI Declarations; LBIG Fined £90.6million; Duty of Care for Professional Advisors; Increased PII Limits; Next Covid Surveys; CP21/25
In this issue: Preparing for the Pricing Rules; Client Money Dear CEO letter; FCA Credit Questionnaire; Crossfill & Archer Fined £110,000; EU agree UK data parity; EU remove need for Green Cards; FCA Fees for AR and IARs
In this issue: PS21/5 General Insurance Pricing Practices; PS21/5 Reporting and Record Requirements; CP21-13 A New Consumer Duty; Jones v Zurich Insurance plc; News & Reminders
In this issue: 5CQ The FCA 5 Conduct Questions; Buildings Cover for Leasehold properties; Appointed Representatives face Supervisory Focus; CP21/8 Fees Consultation; News & Reminders
In this issue: FCA BI Test Case Update; FCA launches Whistleblowing Campaign; Insurance Sector Payments Fraud; CP20/19 Value & Dual Pricing Measures – lmplementation periods confirmed; News Reminders
In this issue: New Travel Insurance Rules 28/4; FCA BI Court Case Update; FCA Proposals for Legal Duty of Care; The FCA ‘Directory’ – What you need to do; dart Learning; New FCA Fees Portal; EIOPA talks commission limits
In this issue: Further FCA Covid-19 Survey; FCA BI Court Case Update; dart Learning webinar & training system; Pandemic Exclusion in DNS’; FCA Claims Expectations: Flood and Storm; FSCS Levy to rise; RegData Reminder.
In this issue: FCA Covid Survey and Report; NEW dCL training system; Meerkats Fined!; Changes to DD renewal templates; RegData update; 2021 REaCH Compliance Healthcheck; Book COCON Training NOW