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On-site meetings or 1 on-site + 3 zoom sessions

'Informed, reliable support' 


Our quarterly consultation services are ideal for brokers who are able to implement their front-line compliance procedures themselves, but may not have documented their processes and ‘High Level’ policies (eg. SYSC, TCF, T&C), and include;

  • Dedicated Consultant
  • Initial ‘REaCH’ Status Report  
  • ÜQuarterly Consultation Meetings
  • ÜRemote GABRIEL assistance
  • ÜAccess to Compliance Helpdesk
  • ÜProcedural & Letter Templates
  • Legal, H&S, HR & Employment templates from ARAG plc
  • ÜHigh Level manual pro-formas
  • ÜRegular Compliance Newsletter
  • ÜOptional dart Training Administration


    PRIMARY 4 from £299* pcm inc vat 

     * £335 pcm for 1 year contract 

    discount of 10% for min 2 year contract = £299 pcm  

    PRACTICAL 4 at £225 pcm inc vat Primary 4 benefits delivered through remotely-focused support with three ZOOM e-meetings and one on-site meeting annually